Day 27 – Oh…flat…Canada

Day 27, Friday, August 12 – St Thomas, Ont to Niagars Falls, Ont – 130 miles, 1222′

It is actually Saturday, the 13th as I write this.  We are in a stretch of  rainy days and it looks like it will continue through Tuesday.  There have been a series of strong thunder and lightening storms that whip through and then it clears quite nicely. But it is very warm, actually hot and humid, which I do not like at all.

Friday  morning it was warm and very humid at 6:00 a.m.  I headed out with Kathleen, Drew and Ken  and basically road with them all day.  And what a day it was.

I brought enough butt repair “stuff” to take care of everyone’s on the trip and put it all too good use.  I was nice and comfortable on my saddle all day.

The first road we were on was terrible…no shoulder and lots of traffic. Once we turned off it, it was great.  And flat with a pretty strong tail wind.  Whee..what fun. We averaged 18 mph for the day with little or no effort.  There were some ups, but nothing serious and we just flew along.

We were still among vast farmland with huge cultivated areas.  In one stretch, there was an elaborate netting system over a low growing crop.  We think they were raspberries.  The netting stretched over expansive fields.  It intrigued me as to how the heck the nets were installed.  Never saw anything like it.

There was a threat of rain in the morning, but it didn’t happen. We did get a bit confused as we road through Boston on our way to the second water stop.  Then Hartford.  Huh, are we going around in circles?

A highlight of the day was another personal best time for 100 miles. This one I did in 5 hours and 40 minutes!  I don’t often ride at 18 mph and it may not happen again.

I road the whole 131 miles of the day’s route.  The last several were pure agony.  I was hot and tired and we could see a huge storm over Niagara Falls. We were pushing hard hoping to get to the hotel before the rain.  But there were interminable turns and twists in the downtown streets.  As we pulled into the hotel driveway it started to rain and just as I got my bike and me under a canopy, the heavens opened.  Actually, they crashed with thunder and lightening.  It was all over in about 20 minutes and the sun came out!

I had never been to Niagara Falls and was surprised to see that the town was a mini Las Vegas…all lights, neon, horrible tourist shops of every description and flooded with  people. I don’t know what I was expecting but I thought the falls would be in a lovely rural setting……..not surrounding by commercial  junk.

Our hotel was literally blocks from the falls.  I walked down with Jeff and Mark before we went to get something to eat.  There was a bit of park, but I thought the spectacle of the falls themselves was ruined by all the commercial establishments that were there.  I am such a carmuggin when it comes to being a tourist.u

The hotel was a nuisance too because the portion of it that I was in didn’t have internet connection.  It’s a long story why and I won’t bore you with it, but suffice it to say, it ruined my day as I couldn’t communicate with anyone. Perhaps it wasn’t a truly bad thing, because we didn’t get back from dinner until late and I had nothing to do but to go to sleep.  And isn’t a long distance cyclist supposed to get lots of sleep?

Any way, it was a good ride and I don’t ever have to go to Niagara Falls again.



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